Happy Easter!

It’s Easter and Spring is officially in the air! Here are a few decorative touches I’ve added to my home for the season:

IMG_0612 IMG_0667

I love tulips – they exclaim “Spring is here!” I had to resist the urge to purchase a bunch in every colour. In fact, I may go back to the grocery store tomorrow and do just that! Does putting a penny in the vase actually extend the life of tulips or is that just a myth? I googled it and couldn’t get a straight answer.


These eggs actually spell out Happy Easter but I accidentally smushed the “H” when I was closing the trunk of my car. I thought it would look a little silly to hang up “Appy Easter” so I threw them in this bowl instead!

Happy Easter!

A Work In Progress

Let me introduce you to another room in my home: The Bonus Room (I think I could come up with a more clever name than that)…

IMG_0600 IMG_0601 IMG_0602

This was the first fully furnished room in the house when we moved in because we used all our previously owned furniture. The scheme was warm colours –  reds, browns, and greens. The problem was that the room didn’t really flow with the rest of the house so I recently began the process of redecorating it. At the moment, it looks a little bit like a dog’s breakfast!

I purchased these pillow covers from the Pillow People on Etsy and they have inspired the colour scheme for the whole  room:

seesaw pillow

I have big plans to do the following:

– Paint (I am thinking Rain Dance by Benjamin Moore)

-Replace the coffee table

– Get new artwork

– Redecorate the book shelves

– Put roman blinds on the windows

– Get new lamps for the sidetables

I put together this mood board to give you an idea what I eventually want to do with this room. This coffee table is from West Elm and I think it is fabulous! It’s fairly reasonably priced, but I need to figure out how exorbitant their shipping costs to Canada are before I fall in love with it!

OB-Bonus Room

Stay tuned as I keep you updated with the progress of this room!

Some Updates to the Bathroom

It’s the little things in life that bring me the most joy. Hence, why I am super pumped about some changes in my shower! I recently purchased a new shower curtain from Target. I had been wanting to replace my tatty old one for awhile. Here’s the old one:


I had my eye on this one from Etsy:

My motto is you can never go wrong with ikat and chevron! Okay, I just made that up, but don’t you agree?

While I was down in Phoenix last week, I spotted a pretty darn awesome shower curtain at Target (I can’t wait for Target to get to Canada!). It’s from their new Threshold line and it was only $19.99. What’s not to love?! So I bought it and stuffed it on my carry-on for the ride home!

After purchasing the new curtain, I decided it was time for a new rod and shower rings (the ones I had have some serious rust going on). I purchased a brushed pewter rod from Canadian Tire:


And these rings from West Elm (you can purchase these almost anywhere though). These are the only kind of rings I use because they slide across the rod so nicely:


While I was at Canadian Tire today purchasing the shower rod, I spotted this Simple Human shower caddy that I’ve had my eye on for the last 4 or 5 years!  It was kind of pricey as far as shower caddies go ($39.99), but it has a bunch of cool features. Don’t take my word for it – check out this delightful little video about it!

It has now has a beautiful home in my shower and holds everything so the shower ledge is no longer cluttered with items that don’t fit.


Here’s what the bathroom looks like now:


The new shower curtain matches great with the accessories I purchased from West Elm several months ago:



One more look:


And here’s a project that will keep me out of trouble over the next few days:


Thanks for reading y’all!

Where The Magic Happens Part II

So I began showing you the master bedroom a couple of weeks ago and I had left off showing you the drapes. Here’s the rest:

The espresso wood bedframe was swapped out for a cream fabric headboard with a silver nailhead detail:




The headboard is from Urban Barn and the style is “Duchess” – I was able to pick the fabric and the colour of the nailheads.

I purchased the fabric for the pillows from fabric.com and Designer Fabrics and had my drape lady whip some up for me (I, unfortunately, cannot sew to save my life).


There was really no need for a dresser in the master as both the mister and I have separate closets, but I wanted a piece of furniture for the wall that the bed faces. I spotted this console table from West Elm and lusted after it for several months:


Unfortunately, it was too long for the space. Well, then I got a bee in my bonnet that I needed a console table for that wall. It seems that most are a standard length though and I couldn’t find one short enough to fit. So, the mister and his father took matters into their own hands and built this spectacular piece:


Apparently, it took some 8 cans of high gloss white spray paint to achieve the desired result. It now has a beautiful home in the master:


Finally, in the corner of the room I added in a sitting chair and this little ceramic side table:


One final view:


I still need to tweak bits and pieces. I want to create some sort of vignette on the console table, spruce up the items on the bedside tables, and add in some more art…another project for another day!

Thanks all for reading!

Emerald City

elie saab

The official colour of 2013 is Emerald according to the Pantone Color Institute. This explains why when I glanced in my closet the other day, I saw two new Emerald pieces in there!


I purchased these items oblivious to the trend and it made me realize how influenced we are by the fashion industry – sometimes without even realizing it. It reminds me of that scene in The Devil Wears Prada when Meryl Streep’s character gives the “cerulean speech” to Anne Hathaway’s character (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go check it out and them come back and keep reading!)

Another way to rock this rad colour is to accessorize with it:

Jolie necklace from stella & dot

Gold Coast Maryanne handbag by kate spade

I personally have my eyes on these babies:

Nine West pumps with a cut out detail

Hopefully, they still have them in my size when Lent is over (I foolishly gave up online shopping)!

If you are thinking about incorporating some Emerald into your makeup routine, here’s what Sephora says:

Its distinct hue, falling exactly between true blue and true green on the color spectrum makes Emerald a universally flattering tone that activates and enhances every eye colour.

Sephora Pantone Emerald Beauty

Courtesy of sephora.com

If green eyeshadow is a little too bold for you, go subtle with some Emerald mascara – Almay, Covergirl, and Avon all make a version or, if you have some cash to splash, try YSL’s Volume Effet Faux Cils in “Green Emerald” ($30 USD).


And, quite possibly my favourite way rock Emerald this season is to pair it with a hit of leopard print. How cute and sophisticated is this ensemble?!

Courtesy of livshowroom.com

Pantone also named the following colours in its Spring 2013 Fashion Report:

Courtesy of pantone.com

Which colours are you gonna rock this spring?

Thanks for reading and happy spring (soon)!

Weekend Project: Prettying Up The Pantry

Although February is over, I am forging ahead with my complete home re-organization efforts. This weekend, I tackled the pantry. It was just me, the label maker, and a whole lotta non-perishables on Saturday night! I know what you’re thinking – this girl sure knows how to part-ay!

In an ideal world, my pantry would look like this:

Courtesy of countryliving.com

Or this:

Courtesy of feastingathome.com

Unfortunately, not everything in my pantry is the same colour, nor do I think that’s very realistic. I mean, the Primo chick peas have to live somewhere!

Let’s have a look at the pantry before:


I am blessed with a very spacious pantry (it even has two doors – one leads to the mudroom which is handy for putting away groceries). The downside is that more space means more junk, as you can tell!

Step 1: I emptied the entire contents of my pantry.

My poor kitchen looked like this:



Step 2: I vacuumed and washed every shelf and the floor.

Step 3: I threw out old/expired food.

Adios rock hard marshmallows and potatoes with limbs! I also found a new home for anything that didn’t belong in the pantry, but ended up getting shoved in there out of convenience (i.e. laziness).

Step 4: I put everything back in the pantry in some sort of organized fashion.

I made 3 trips to Wal-mart throughout the weekend to purchase various storage vessels (I cleared all the product off the shelves!). I stored baking supplies, nuts, and dried fruit in glass jars and pasta, beans, and other grains in metal tins. I had previously organized my spices in little magnetic tins. That system works really well so I didn’t change it. I already had the baskets, but stole some of them from my linen closet (which is now a big mess)! They store items like cookbooks, napkins, and extra baking stuff. Then, the fun part: labelling with my trusty label maker!

Here’s the finished product:



Eventually, I would like to put the oils, vinegars, and wines in new bottles and place them on rotating trays. I would also like to repaint the walls and use some leftover wallpaper for the areas between the shelves. All in good time because getting this far was enough for one weekend!

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Where The Magic Happens Part I

On MTV Cribs, whenever the celebrity leads the audience to the master bedroom, they always say, “And this is where the magic happens.” I am not sure what kind of magic they are referring to (wink wink nudge nudge ) BUT I am referring to yet another amazing transformation in my crib.  I’m going to talk about the master bedroom in two parts because there’s a lot to tell you and I don’t want this post to go on forever.

When we moved into the house, the master looked like this:


(this isn’t our furniture – this was one of the pictures in the real estate listing)

And then there was this atrocity:


What can I say about this? Well, I guess I don’t like the idea of taking a dump in a bathroom without a door. It kind of ruins the magic when your spouse accidentally barges in on you. I’ll leave it at that.

Needless to say, we closed in the master ensuite and added a pocket door so that it now looks like this:


Once that was done, it was really just a matter of a decorating it to my taste. I’ve mentioned before that I am a huge Sarah Richardson fan and I took my inspiration from this room she did several years ago on Design Inc.:

Courtesy of designinc.ca

Courtesy of designinc.ca

I love the yellow and grey colour scheme. I was so infatuated with the wallpaper that Sarah used that I tracked it down and purchased it myself. The wallpaper is by Cole & Son and it’s called “Rajapur”.  I found it online and discovered that the best price was through a UK company Fabrics & Papers. Here’s a better view of the wallpaper:


We painted the walls “Spider’s Web” by ICI Dulux Paint (which matches the lighter colour in the wallpaper) and then wallpapered the wall which the bed sits against.

Medicine Hat-20120107-00084

(sorry, the picture was taken on an old cell phone and it’s not the best quality).

I had the drapes custom made with a fabric that I purchased from Fabric.com (I love this website – great deals and you can almost always find a discount by googling “fabric.com promo code”).


The only things to do after were this were replace the headboard, finish furnishing the room, and add some artwork – I will share that with you next week.  Thanks for reading!

Also, would anyone like me to list the places where I bought my furniture/accessories?