My Favourite Kind of Pot

Every May long weekend (weather permitting), I plant my outdoor pots. I stick to all foliage – usually a combination of grasses, sweet potato vines, coleus, and ivy. I did two pots on my front steps and four on my deck.

Here’s the front:

pots pots2 pots3

The plants in each pot are identical and are: Purple Fountain Grass, Ponytail Grass, Golden Millet grass, and Sweet Potato Vines (“Blackie” and “Sweet Caroline Green”  – who doesn’t love a plant named after a Neil Diamond song?!).

And the pots on the deck:

pots4 pots5

The plants in the white pots are: Purple Fountain Grass, Ponytail Grass, Golden Millet grass, Sweet Potato Vine (“Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Purple”), and Variegated Ivy (“Hedera Helix”).

The plants in the tall black pots are Purple Fountain Grass.

One of the things I like most about all foliage is no dead-heading!

And here’s a “Behind The Scenes” pic:


I guzzled just a few beer while getting my garden on…just kidding – these are old cans of my Grandpa’s and I put some in the bottom of each pot for better drainage. C’mon now people, I am more of a Cosmo girl. Also, for those of you looking for a grammar lesson today – the plural of beer is beer – not beers!

Thanks for reading!!

Saturday Night Sister Bonding

My sister, Karissa, and I tackled a reupholstering project last night. What is the only thing more exciting than spending a Saturday night with my label maker? Spending it with my  shiny new staple gun! Giddy up!

My sister wanted to turn this little table into a bench to sit at the foot of her bed:

IMG_0855 IMG_0856

If you are interested in a project like this, here’s what you’ll need:

1. Fabric ( we used 1 yard but this depends on how big the surface is that you are covering)

2. Foam Cushioning

3. Batting

4. Adhesive (we used a glue gun)

5. Staple Gun

6. Patience

7. Chocolate

The last two items are essential to the project…seriously!


Step 1: Remove the legs from the bench/table


Step 2: Iron your fabric (If you like this fabric, you can purchase the fabric here and for heaven’s sake, please google “ coupon code” before you buy – why spend more money than you have to?!)


Step 3: Measure and cut the foam padding. Glue it to the surface of your bench.



Did the foam padding fly everywhere or did I forget to use Head and Shoulders that morning? I’ll let you stew over that one…

Step 4: Measure and cut the batting


Step 5: Using your staple gun, staple the batting onto the bench and trim off any excess.


My bro in-law suggested we wear safety googles after he suspected that neither of us had a clue how to work a staple gun. We only had one pair so my sister is sporting a pair of batman ski goggles. Sweet.


Step 6: Using the staple gun, staple the fabric to the bench. We started in the middle of each side and worked our way outwards. We did all four sides and left the corners until the very end. For some helpful tips on stapling, check out this blog.



The corners were really tricky – we had excess fabric on the corners and had difficulty getting them to look tidy which led to step 7.

Step 7: Mutual sister meltdown.

Three hours into the project and 11:00 at night, I lost it. This is what it looked like:


Shortly thereafter, my sister had a meltdown too. Given my state of mind, I was unable to catch photographic evidence of hers. Luckily, we both recovered quickly (that’s what the chocolate was for) and we powered through the last step!

Step 8: We placed legs back on the bench. For many of you wanting to tackle a project like this, you will be done at this point. Because we were turning a table into a bench, we had to work with the sides of the table. If we just trimmed the fabric, it would have stuck out. We pondered over what to do here and ended up rolling up the excess fabric and stapling it again to create a piping effect:


Here’s the finished result:

IMG_0901 IMG_0903 IMG_0904 IMG_0905 IMG_0907

Considering this was both our first time reupholstering, I think we did a bang-up job! I think Karissa was happy to have  my moral support (and someone else to operate the staple gun as she jumped every time it went off)! We both have the reupholstering bug now and are planning on re-covering our dining chairs.

Thanks everyone for reading and thanks to my sister for being a part of my blog (should I invite her back, people?!)


My name is Sharah and I am a basket-aholic.

That’s right, I am addicted, obsessed  and enthralled with baskets. They are all over my house and I can’t stop myself from buying more whenever I’m out. For the sole purpose of this post, I walked around my whole house and took an inventory of all my baskets  – 58 baskets and counting…

Why do I love baskets so much? Well, I’m glad you asked!

To put it eloquently, they hide shit! They make any closet, storage area, or cabinet instantly look organized and pretty (even if you’ve just shoved a bunch of random stuff in them that really doesn’t go together). In the words of my wise BFF:

Baskets are indeed an organizer’s best weapon.

I like this quote because it makes me feel like I’m an organizational superhero! In fact, my favourite brand of baskets is called Clutter Busters….Isn’t that a great superhero name for a neat freak like myself?

Allow me to demonstrate the organizational power of baskets in “Before/After” picture form:

basketcase1 basketcase2


And just so you can really get an idea of the extent of my problem, here’s a sampling of my basket collection:

basketcase4 basketcase5Now, go out and buy yourself some baskets – I know I have instilled an intense desire in each and every one of you!

Thanks for reading and Happy Mother’s Day to my mama and all the other awesome mamas out there!

A Decorating Story

Renovations can be expensive, not to mention a huge pain in the butt (just the thought of the mess they create increases my blood pressure)! That’s why I want to encourage everyone that you can still transform your living space with just a little decorating.

I (and by “I”, I mean the professional painters I hire) am on my way to re-painting every wall in my house since moving in three years ago, but some rooms are still completely untouched by any renovating.  This includes the powder room which you guys caught a glimpse of a few weeks ago. This is what it looks like stripped down to its bare bones:

photo1 photo2 photo3

My house is only about 7 years old and this bathroom is in great condition so I don’t really want to pump a bunch of money into changing it. But, if you guys haven’t figured it out yet, the brown/beige/oak scheme is definitely not my bag. I have done my best with decorating though and I think it has made a huge difference:





Everything in the powder room (except the candle) is either from Winners or Homesense (Canada’s equivalents to T.J. Maxx and Homegoods) and cost me less than $200 in total. Not bad, huh?

I would still like to paint this room, but haven’t picked out any colours yet. I could be really boring and go for grey which is my go to colour:

Pelican Gray by Benjamin Moore

I am also tossing around the idea of a pale blue/green and chocolate brown, separated by a chair or plate rail:

Bittersweet Chocolate by Benjamin Moore

Well, I don’t really have to make a decision until I finally getting around to calling a painter again. I’ll throw that on my never-ending To Do List!

Thanks for reading everyone and hope you had a great weekend!!