Natural Beauty Is Always In!

The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy. – Yves Saint-Laurent

I had the privilege of doing two of my good friends makeup this past week – just for fun! They both know how much I’m into makeup so we hung out on my deck, snacked on chocolate-covered strawberries, and played with different looks.  Both ladies have so much natural beauty – my job was really easy!

Challis and Meghan are sisters. Although they have similar features, they are each beautiful for their own unique reasons and I did different looks on each of them. This is probably the most stated makeup tip, but I believe in focusing on your best features and using makeup to enhance them.


Meghan has perfect, radiant porcelain skin and naturally flushed cheeks. Because she has such beautiful skin, I wanted it to shine through. I applied a sheer wash of foundation to her face and enhanced her cheeks with a peony pink blush and a pearl coloured highlighter. I kept her eyes simple, but classic – neutral eyeshadows with black winged out eyeliner. I then did a peachy pink lip on her. I love this look because it’s polished but still natural enough to be worn everyday.



Challis has beautiful, big blue eyes and I wanted them to POP!! For you blue-eyed babes, the best way to do that is to use peach, gold, and brown shadows. I used a combination of peach and gold shadows on Challis’ entire eyelid. I wanted it to be dramatic though so I smoked out the outer corner of her lid with a navy shadow, smudged black kohl across her upper lash line, and lined her bottom lash line with the navy shadow. I accented the look with baby pink cheeks and lips. This is a great evening look – date night or going out with your girlfriends!


I did their makeup out on the deck because natural light is always the best light for applying makeup. I recommend always doing your makeup in front of a window.

IMG_4834 photo

Now, who’s next?

As always, thanks for reading! I really do appreciate the likes, comments, and follows! Also, thank you Challis and Meghan for letting me feature your lovely faces on here!