Mister Master

Or is it a missus?
So far the renovations I’ve shown you have been pretty basic. The master bedroom/bathroom were where the major renovations happened upstairs. There is a lot to go through so I’ll show you the master bedroom this week and the master bath/closet next week.
This is what the room looked before:

Upstairs_2 Upstairs_3

This was the only room in the house where we moved walls – to accommodate a larger walk-in closet! We also took out the double french doors and replaced them with one door that matched the rest of the doors in the house. The layout used to look like this:

Master Bedroom Plans Before

 And this is the layout now:

Master Bedroom Plans After

In addition to moving the walls and taking out one of the doors, we also:
  • Replaced the baseboards and trim. We stained the baseboards, trim and doors with “Cloud White” by Benjamin Moore.
  • Scraped the “popcorn” ceilings and painted/retextured. Again, we used “Cloud White”.
  • Painted the walls. The colour we used was Spider’s Web by Dulux.
  • Replaced the carpet.
  • Replaced the ceiling fan with a chandelier for a little bling.
Here is a few pics of how the room progressed:

IMG_1986 IMG_2094 IMG_2095 IMG_2096
This guy was hanging out in the room when the clean up began. I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of him. I kinda wish my vacuum came with a face and a name (are you listening, Dyson?!)
Here is the room now:
IMG_2740You can catch a glimpse of our amazing view in this photo…
Obviously, the room needs some work! We bought a king sized bed and used our night tables and console table from the old house, but we’ll have to buy more furniture. We’ll do that when we’ve saved some money again! I would like to putting a small seating area in the corner and perhaps a low long console table for display items on the other wall. Then of course, I’ll need to get drapes, artwork, new bedding (we’re using our queen sized coverlet still), etc., etc. I’ll post an update when I finally get the money/time/energy to finish it off! In the meantime, it’s a good place to have pre-bedtime dance parties (yes, that happens)!

Thanks for reading y’all!


Target, je t’aime!

Target finally decided to grace Canada with its presence and I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival since the company announced its expansion into the Canadian market in 2011.

The location nearest me opened its doors on July 16. I, along with 4 of my girlfriends, gave it a warm welcome by spending 2 and half hours perusing (i.e. pillaging) every department!

Was there some damage done? Hell, yeah!

IMG_1131 IMG_1132

I was so pumped, as soon we started walking through the store, I kept exclaiming, “I’m so happy!” over and over.


So would you like to look at the goodies I picked up? I thought so!


Three summer dresses, a fedora (to protect my dye job from the sun) and a stripey beach bag


Two bedside lamps for my guest bedroom (I am thinking of stencilling a pattern on the shades with black paint to spruce them up a bit)


Drink dispenser for entertaining


Decorative mirror – I think its home above the bar cart is perfect!

I now must force myself to stay away so I don’t do any further damage to my bank account!

Thanks for reading!